Our Story

Retirement Impact was founded with one mission in mind – to empower corporations, non-profits and higher education institutions to plan and build better retirement opportunities for every employee. As retirement plan consultants, we drive results with a comprehensive 401k/403b support solution that aims to help companies offer better retirement plan packages and employees build better retirement plans. We seek to help you ensure that each facet of your plan is handled by industry professionals who specialize in maximizing results.

For our clients, the Retirement Impact means support that seeks to achieve better, more reliable plan management. Our network helps you manage your fiduciary duties and mitigate risk, offering plan oversight assistance, investment management, compliance auditing support, and potential cost savings, helping to free up valuable time and resources that companies can use instead on daily operations and business growth. Your retirement plan will get the attention it deserves without taking up more of your valuable time.

Employees enjoy the Retirement Impact difference through educational opportunities that equip them with the opportunity to plan better and build for successful retirement. We offer in-person opportunities in the form of our ground team of retirement advisors that meets with plan participants to educate them on plan benefits and help them build long-term habits that will set them up to pursue the retirement goals they set. Combined with web learning opportunities and coaching, participants will feel empowered to build their own financial futures.

We understand that 401k/403b plan management is an essential part of every successful company, and we also know how much time and effort it takes to manage your plan. We’ve built a solution that seeks to help you reduce the effort and time it takes so you can focus on your day-to-day business. It’s the one-stop solution you’ve been waiting for.

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