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Retirement Impact stands on a simple promise – to empower companies to plan and seek to build better retirement opportunities for every employee. We’ve made it our mission to ensure everyone, from employers to employees, have access to the support and guidance they need to make planning a little easier. It’s not just another retirement solution; it’s IMPACT. Welcome to Retirement Impact, where companies go for outcomes that seek to make a difference

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Our Mission

“To empower companies to plan and build better retirement opportunities for every employee.”

We help empower organizations to provide their employee’s the best possible opportunity to retire successfully.  We do this by implementing best practices in the areas of Investment Management, Fee Benchmarking, Education and Compliance while focusing on your participants as mandated by ERISA. 

What we do

Running a company takes a lot of time, effort, and resources, and effectively managing a company 401k plan can take a lot of valuable time away from everyday operations. Many companies rely on the basic oversight of legacy retirement plans that are poorly designed, inefficient, and costly. And while building a proper retirement solution for employees is a goal most companies strive for; the reality is those plans need constant monitoring and routine evaluation to ensure compliance and long-term success for all participants.

As 401k & 403b plan advisors, we’ve created a comprehensive retirement support package that helps businesses manage their plans, oversee investments, and ensure compliance while equipping employees and participants with the financial education and resources they need to plan for and enjoy a successful retirement.

Our Areas of Impact

Compliance Support

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Our services adhere to ERISA standards of fiduciary care and industry best practices towards reducing liability and ensuring that you are documenting your decision-making process in the event you are audited or sued.

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Fees & Investments

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Utilizing industry standard third-party resources and investment analytics our process benchmarks your plan's services, fees and investments against similar plans to help ensure that your plan consistently receives high value for the fees that you are paying.
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We focus on participant outcomes as a barometer for our success. Our approach measures participant success and strives to produce outcomes that allow your employees to retire on time and with dignity.

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