Take the IMPACT Assessment for your Plan

  • Measure your fiduciary process to compare against industry best practices
  • Understand where you may have areas for improvement
  • Document your fiduciary process for your files
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Take the Assessment

Assessment provided by fi360

Why take the assessment?

Managing an effective and compliant employer-sponsored retirement plan takes a thorough understanding of what is required and a commitment to getting it done right. As an employer, you can take steps to help ensure your plan is successful. 

Want to talk further?

Have you taken the assessment and want to do a deeper dive on your Plan or process?  Get in touch by filling out the form or calling today.  This IMPACT Assessment was designed to help identify areas of your process that need work.  We have access to a more in-depth tool called Hero 7 that will coordinate with your current plan providers to create a Plan Governance Score (PGI) that will help you identify areas in which you are doing well and where you could improve.  

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